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This. Is. Us.

You can learn about me on the home page. This page is dedicated to three special people. Petite Cheesecakes VA would not be what you've come to know and love without them!


Chef Nasir

Chef Nasir is the apple of my eye. This little chef has been trying to get in the kitchen alongside Mommy since Petite Cheesecakes started. Finally, the opportunity came for him to shine in the Summer of 2021. At a time when cheesecake production was interrupted, Chef Nasir stepped in with the absolute cutest smile, bounds of enthusiasm, excellent customer service skills, and his SERIOUSLY tasty homemade candied pecans (homemade by the Chef himself and Sous Chef Mommy).

My Left & Right Hands

Take a look at the collage to the right. The two women in the bottom two frames have been both my left AND right hands for the life of Petite Cheesecakes. Many times they have pulled me above water in the eleventh hour of cheesecake preparation before markets! Not only are they always there whenever I need them, but they handle every cheesecake with an abundance of care as if they made it themselves. They are extremely gracious and delightful when interacting with customers. They carry the grace, professionalism, kindness, care, and warmth that every business owner longs for in those who help them to carry out business. They are invaluable to me and I will forever be grateful for their patience and support as they have walked along side me on this journey. 

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